New Project!!!!


Long time no see.......

When I started this blog I really wanted to have a conversation. That was it really, nothing more. I just wanted a space to discuss the things I liked and share that with others. The more I can talk about literature the better! Starting this blog has really allowed me to connect with many people which I will be forever grateful for. Even with the obstacle of my full time job and its workload; advocating and discussing Black British writing will always be my passion. 

With that said I am happy to announce a new project that I am starting (trialling....) - The Black Applause Podcast Series! It will be my contribution to the conversation around Black British writing and other topics related. I have always enjoyed podcasts as an avenue to convey opinions and to educate yourself. The podcast series will be an extension of the blog, I will discuss books that I am reading, and as always I'll provide criticism.

I am quite a private person, so the idea that my voice is now flowing in the ether that is the internet freaks me out a bit, but I hope it will be worth it....or I can just delete them

I'm looking for feedback, tweet, Instagram or email me at 

Here is episode one!! An introduction to the series and my honest thoughts on Black British writing. Transcipts also available here